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Passion x Purpose

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I’m a big fan of listening to podcasts and Audible books of someone else’s life and learn a thing of two from them. Recently, I’ve stumbled upon on Mike Rowe on YouTube, and the title goes, “Don’t Follow Your Passion”. Intriguing I thought. Doesn’t people always say “follow your passion and never give up” sort of thing?

I listened to it once. It was stuck in my head for a whole night.

Never follow your passion, but always bring it with you.

Shocking to hear someone say don’t follow your passion because we’ve grown up hearing adults encouraging us to dream big and love what you do. Passion doesn’t mean you’ll make a decent living. Making a decent living doesn’t mean you’re happy at your job. How do you balance these two?

My takeaway is:

Don’t just follow your passion, but also see opportunities around you and focus on what you’re good at. He has a point about passion doesn’t have to be a career. It could be another form such as a hobby or a side thing. Maybe focusing on why you’re doing it and what attainable goals you might have instead of just passion and a dream could lead you to something different in life.

Anyways, just a food for thought.

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