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Primark Over The Thigh Boots Review

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Hello guys!

I’ve been searching for a decent pair of over the thigh boots I can bring with me to my Japan trip this month. I would be walking and traveling a lot so I need something not too expensive in case it gets ruined. 

Then I found a nice pair at…Primark! It was $29.99 and yes, I know, that price is too good to be true. Believe it or not, it looks really nice in person and I always get compliments for it. It does not look like a $29.99 boots at all! And even with my petite frame and height (5 ft. tall) it is just about right on my thigh.As far as quality, it’s faux suede and feels a little bit thin compared to real suede. It’s also not fair to compare it to the real thing, but for the price and the fit I can’t complain! I’ve worn it for a full day of walking around in New York City and had no problem at all.

Same style from Primark; Color Black

It’s tight enough when I wear leggings and will not slouch. I occasionally have to pull it up after sitting and tie the strings when I stand up. The block heels also made it really easy to walk in.

Primark Faux Suede Over The Thigh Boots, $29.99

In summary, I recommend giving these boots a try if you’re ever in Primark! I got a size 5 and normally size 6 and it fits better. I feel like size 6 will be too loose. They have a good selection of colors from military green to taupe to black. I also bought a pair of black ones from Primark.


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