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Eyelash Lace

Hmm, let me start with telling you guys that I’ve been searching for the perfect knee length eyelash lace sweater since..maybe last winter?

lace hem sweater otk

In this outfit: 1. Sequin Sweater, Primark; 2. Lacehem Shirt, Asos; 3. OTK Boots, Cole Haan; 4. Bag, Chloé; 5. Choker Necklace, Primark; 6. Pink Floppy Hat, Primark

 I remember last winter I stopped by Windmil Fabrics in Downtown Boston to search for eyelash lace that I can DIY. And which, by the way, I realllly miss Windmil Fabrics. I have a lot of childhood memories there when my grandmom and mom used to bring me there to pick out fabrics. Windmil closed their business just this summer and I miss the owners. The last time the owners and I chatted was when I was buying fabric for my wedding and they were congratulating me.

None the less, eyelash lace is hard to find even in fabric stores. I am proud to say that I finally found a short sleeve top that has eyelash lace on the hem. I layered that underneath a long sweater and add a pair of OTK boots.

Binky making a cameo appearance!

It is December, but it’s not late at all to look for the perfect pair of OTK boots. My favorite pair so far is from Cole Haan (currently wearing in this outfit) and you cannot believe the sales price! It is on Nordstrom Rack for only $150 (originally $500). If you searching for a pair that has narrow calf, made with real suede, and high quality, look no further!

lace hem sweater otk

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2 Responses
  • Sweet & Chic
    12 . 23 . 2016

    Love those boots! You look gorgeous 😘😘 Aw Binky is so cute ❤️❤️❤️

  • Shai Chung
    01 . 09 . 2017

    Love the lace detail and over the knee boots with your lovely lady hat


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