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My Top 10 Most Memorable Instagram in 2016

Looking back to the year, there were so many great moments that were captured on my Instagram. Some of them were memorable, spontaneous, and personal. I’d like to recap my top 10 and share the story behind it.

Here we go and counting down my 10 most memorable Instagram post!

10:  Announcing my trip to Japan

It’s really the small little things in life. We were checking out Eataly in Prudential and had to find parking. Parked in a quiet street near Fenway and saw The Great Wave off Kanagawa mural when I got out of my car. It was perfect and just on time to announce my big Asia trip in 2017.

09: Dream Every Day

Dream everyday, but work even harder everyday. #myinspo

A photo posted by My (@myohhmy) on

This post and caption really captured how I felt all year long. My life may seem picture perfect on Instagram but there were so many things that had happened and only my close friends and families would know. A great life lesson I’ve learned this year is you have to pick yourself up quick after you fall and continue to chase those dreams no matter how impossible it may seem.

8: Hammond Castle

One of the prettiest location I shot this summer in Massachusetts. This look was featured by the fascinator company Giovanni Hats on their page and I am really grateful for it. A funny story behind the scene: I think we were shooting for a good hour on a very hot summer Sunday. One man joked and pointed at me while I was doing a pose, “Look! It’s Queen Elizabeth!” 😳 His wife’s reaction were 🙄😑. I thought it was hilarious.

Full post here: Elegant British Look Inspired By at the Hammond Castle

7: Lavender Farm in Cape Cod

Sometimes what you had pictured doesn’t always worked out. I had pictured a lavender field full of blooms but when we got to the farm in Cape Cod it was not in bloom season yet. We walked around and saw the most charming lavender shop and knew it was the one! I had a great conversation with the owner in the shop and purchased a dried lavender flower as a souvenir. Also fun fact: I borrowed the hat that was on the table! Have to take advantage of everything around us!

Full post here featuring Wood Watches: Dreaming of a Lavender Field

6: 1 Year Wedding Anniversary

Ice cream parlor and anniversary. Yesterday’s outfit on the blog soon! 💜

A photo posted by My (@myohhmy) on

One of my most memorable post in 2016. It was my one year wedding anniversary and just transitioned into a new place. I wanted the day to be simple and sweet so I chose an ice cream parlor near our place and celebrate there. The ladies at Sugar Bowl were very sweet and congratulated us on our anniversary. Thank you for the great memory!

Full post here on the anniversary look: 1 Year Anniversary Outfit

5: Our City Boston

I love this random snap my friend had captured for me after our alumni party at the Isabella Stewart Garden Museum. Also because of that night, my car had been vandalized and car parts stolen near the area. I was very heart broken. My car isn’t an expensive car, but it’s very special to me. Being a victim of theft several times already in my city, I felt very scared and heart broken and used this photo to expressed my feelings.

Also thank you to Museum of Fine Arts for featuring this photo on their social channel to spread the positive message around!

4: New York City Murals

Task of the day: NYC mural hunting. 💜☔️💜 #graffitiroom

A photo posted by My (@myohhmy) on

My goal is to see all the murals in New York City. I went on a mural hunting with my friend for one weekend and this was my favorite…the purple was perfect.

See full post here with the the murals I found during the hunt: New York City Murals

3: Mega Cities Exhibition

I love art. I couldn’t get enough of how breathtaking this exhibition was. I think I went back at least 3 times to see it over and over again.

2: New York City

I remembered it was a very cold weekend with temperatures dropping to 8º degrees Fahrenheit. We were there for Chinese New Year break and coincidentally it was also New York Fashion Week. Hubby still captured these amazing photos for me even in the most brutal cold weather. He knew I love the city so much and wanted me to enjoy every moment of it. I’m a very lucky girl.

1: New year, new hair

New Year, New Hair. 💜 #styleblogger #mystyle #metallicpurple #2016

A photo posted by My (@myohhmy) on

Last year on New Years Eve I told myself I’m going to dye my hair purple and get an undercut. It was the most adventurous hair cut and styling I ever done in my life. I wanted to do it because I was scared of change and scared of what people will thought of me if I looked different. I have people I know saying, “she changed” and thought I’ve became some crazy wild girl. Honestly, s/he don’t really know who I really am then and neither do I have to explain myself. And there are also those that complimented me and loved the new look, most importantly, I really love my new look. I’m so glad I mustered the courage to do it and proved to myself that I don’t care what others think about me anymore.

I’ve had my ups and downs in 2016. I think that’s just part of life and I’ve learned to accept things and be grateful for what matters most. I’m excited for the year 2017 and look forward to new things that awaits for me. Thank you for being a part of my journey! 

Also check out my next post on my thoughts and experiences of being a blogger for one year.

2 Responses
  • Jodi-Kay Edwards
    01 . 03 . 2017

    You know they always say a picture is worth a thousand words. I feel inspired to continue just reading what you went through. Sometimes we feel so alone because we think we’re the only one. I really enjoyed reading this and although I’m embarrassed to admit this is my first time visiting your blog since we became insta friends, I will definitely be back on a more regular basis! Here’s to 2017 babe! Thanks so so much for sharing!

  • Stylnova
    01 . 03 . 2017

    Oh I love this post!
    Such inspirational stories and amazing photos as well. Since we became Insta friends a year ago, I see the hard work and progress. You are so talented, especially with your drawings. Can’t wait for more, happy 2017 babe!

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